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We are a cooperative of skilled individuals working under the same roof, both individually and in converged projects. Our crafts vary but our goals are the same - to develope our passion to a professional level and stay supported by it. 

We have a large variety of circles were we practice different types of activitys. For example: Kroki every sunday, creative writing and poetry, visuall art, and the Grow Gang. 

For more informaiton about our study circles or if you want to join us. Send us an email.

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The studio that we work in is placed in Umeå, a town in the north of Sweden. The locale is a coazy shed and we choose to fill most of the space with artistic tools, musical instruments, a movie theatre, a tattoo studio, video games, wood workshop, and soft objects for hanging out.

And a coffee brewer.




If you are creative and need a place to do your thing and have the opportunity to collaborate and be inspired by other creative people. - You are welcome to join us!

For more information about rent, open house oaccations and our activitys and functions. Email us!