2018 - Heart Of the Jungle

We arranged a release party with live performance by the artist and his co-musicians

2019 - Klubb JAQ

Klubb jaq is probably our largest reppetitive event. to read more about Klubb jaq click 


2018 - A Criminal Rave

We made a feature film that screens before dancing audiences. The film is a concert with a narrative that is being played out within the audience.

2014-2015 - JAM nights.

We setup a stage in our studio loft for musicians to come and play before an audience.

2015 - Skördefest.

2 days music & art festival inside our studio loft. 18 music performances,

4 art exhibitions and 150 paying guests.

2015 & 2016 & 2017 - Umeå snow sculpture contest.

Each year we contribute with two snow sculptures that are built in Umeå city centre. 

2015 - Music tech fest

We made art installations in three different rooms at a music hacker festival

Room 1: "Silent forest".

A room decorated with organic elements of the forest like timber and leaves. The four walls in the room had TV-screens showing synced 360 videos of peaceful locations. We welcomed the guests by serving coffee and fika making the experience feel more like a picnic. The purpose was to transport the visitors from the loud festival that was held inside the city and into a space of tranquility surrounded by nature.

Room 2: "The bubble room"

We pored bubble water on a transparent table with depth, making it into a sort of standing pool. Above the table we installed microphones that captured the sounds coming from the bubble table. We applied intense echo effects to the audio and sent it out to multiple headphones so visitors could listen. The room was dark except for the colored lights lighting up the bubble table from beneath. Purpose was to immerse the user into a self-created bubblet universe. 

Room 3: "JAM room"

We set up music instruments like electric guitars, cigarr-box guitars, drums and microphones to a PA-system. In addition we had midi-keyboards connected to a computer so visitors could implement their own sound packs to the midis. This and objects that had special microphones attached to them making another addition to the orchestra. To complement the music we had a projector showing visual effects and lights reacting to the music coming from the instruments. The purpose was to make people to freely experiment with instruments and sounds without knowing how to play. Also to explore the diversity of analouge and digital and make them to come together in a harmony.



Södra Ersmarksgatan 3, 903 36 Umeå